Spooktacular Homes for Sale!

Halloween pictureWhen looking for that perfect home, how many of us say, “I’ll take the haunted one please.” If your must have CHECK LIST for your next home includes room for uninvited guests, or a paranormal playroom, then consider the following real life haunted houses currently on the market.

Hindsdale Farm House in Olean, NY:  Known originally as the Dandy House, this old farmhouse at the end of a long secluded road has an extensive history of being possessed.  Clara Miller who resided there from 1970-74 wrote a book on her family’s experience at the house.  “Echoes of a Haunting” is a chatty, diary format of the gradually threatening events that finally caused her family to flee. Recently sold for $289,000, no one expects the house to be off the market for long.

Ma Barker’s Hideout, Central Florida:  The current owner’s of Ma Barker and her son Fred’s last stand are looking for just the right buyer who would appreciate the home of the longest shootout in FBI history. Refusing to go down easy, Ma and Fred are still known to haunt this once peaceful and treasured family home.  With bullet hole patches clearly visible on the wall, this gangster hideout was most recently listed at $1,000,000. The recent reduction to $889,000. might have to do with the grisly reminder of this mother and son demise.

McRaven Tour Home, Vicksburg, MS:  Considered the most haunted haunted house in Mississippi, this Civil War-era home was used as a field hospital during the siege of Vicksburg and the final resting ground of many fatalities.  In addition, five inhabitants of the house died in or near the home over the last several decades. Currently listed for $575,000. this beautiful but troubled home is marketed as a “friendly ghost” house – – you decide.

Have a haunted house you want to sell, or just tell us about?  We’re all ears — goblin ears that is!  Happy Halloween!

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