Summer Moves – Keeping it Cool!

Moving boxesSummer moves are the most popular  – kids are out of school and no snow to worry about.  But summer moves can also be the most expensive, the most difficult weather-wise and your new neighbors may all be away on vacation making your new home feel like a ghost town.

The popularity of moving in the summer is what drives the cost up – especially when using professional movers. Supply and demand come into play as does availability, so if you must move in the summer, try to coordinate with the moving company as far out as possible.

Keep in mind those summertime temps as well.  If you’re doing the packing, consider a moving container that allows you time to load your items over several days- preferably during the cooler hours of the morning or evening. If working with professionals, offer water and other beverages to help keep everyone hydrated, including your self.  And be aware of what you pack – candles, CD’s, and other temperature sensitive items should be packed separately and not left in vehicles for extended time.

Be sure to have utilities up and running at your new home, but be aware, doors will be open for a long period of time, so any cooling AC will be running at the max.

Keep pets in mind and plan ahead.  Movers should be unencumbered when at work and can’t be expected to keep doors or gates closed in order to keep the pooch in.  If necessary have a friend keep Fido or locate a local boarding facility until the job is done and you can give your pet the attention and safe conditions they deserve.

If your new neighborhood seems quiet, it probably is.  Most folks travel during the summer months making it hard for kids to make friends, and adults to have quick resources to local information.  Consider joining the community pool, or signing the kids up for area day camps, and always use your realtor as a resource for contractors, restaurants, city services etc…

Moving, no matter what time of year, is stressful.  But careful planning, attention to details like weather reports and available services, can make the difference between a cool move and a hot mess.  If you have any tips for making a move easier share them with us here.


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