Signs of Spring in Syracuse!

HyacinthsAccording to the Farmer’s Almanac the word equinox, as in Vernal, is derived from the Latin words meaning “equal night.”  Can twentyfour hours of equal day and equal night come any sooner?  One month and counting until March 20th when even if the weather says differently, we know deep within us that Spring is here.  

With a total of 100 inches of snow  in Syracuse so far this winter is it any wonder that we’re all searching a little desperately if not prematurely for signs of Spring.  Checking in with Central New York friends and asked what says “Spring” to them, Laurie from our Keller Williams Syracuse office said “for me, Spring has sprung when we change the clocks and it’s light out later into the evening!”  Hallelujah to that.  Going to and from work in the dark is never good for one’s soul, but have you noticed – we’re already seeing brighter skies at the end of the work day.

“Spring is when sitting on my back porch I hear the birds chirping, smell the fresh cut lawn and feel the warmth from the sun on my face. Can’t wait!” says Heather, our favorite real estate legal assistant at Zenzel Law in Eastwood.  Already the birds are more active and vocal early in the morning, but I’m afraid that fresh cut grass thing is a ways off.

And for all those folks who have been out working in the extreme temperatures and conditions, Cookie from our Team sums it up best when she says, “spring to me is no boots, crocus’ and tulips peeping thru the snow blanketed flower beds, longer days, and ability to show properties later in the day!”  So true Cookie – now get back to work while there’s still daylight!

Speaking of crocus and tulips, if you just can’t wait, take a road trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show, March 1-9, 2014.  Or try Canada Blooms in Toronto, March 14-23.  Either show is guaranteed to help bridge the gap in these desperate times.  Send us your thoughts or photos on signs of Spring – we’d love to post them here to inspire us all.Picture3

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