There’s Snow Place Like Syracuse!

Kelly and Jack We’re recognized positively and negatively for it.  Some of us embrace it, and some of us can’t put enough miles between it and a sandy beach.  Some say lake-effect is more about weight than volume, and others wouldn’t celebrate Halloween any other way than with a little bit of the white stuff.

But one thing we can all agree on, with our dependable snow fall and slightly longer winters, and with beautiful natural terrain, is great, local, downhill skiing. Whether novice, expert, or apres-ski aficionado, the Syracuse area provides some family friendly, race team ready, and terrain park trails groomed to go.

Raising two children in Syracuse and watching them enjoy lessons, mastering the ski lift and independent skiing at Toggenburg, was a highlight of their growing up for our entire family.  If we didn’t have our eyes on them at all times, we knew, and they knew, that the ski patrol or our neighbors were always watching.  

Our grown up friends, ski season pass holders for years, have skied the world over — from Utah to Switzerland, from heliskiing to backcountry–and they still ski every year, well into April, at Labrador and Song Mt.  

Maximizing the pleasure that winter can bring whether snowshoeing, cross country skiing or ice skating, can certainly help Golden Snow Ball Champion Syracuse with its seasonally challenged reputation.  Embracing the season, instead of running from it helps the shorter days go by faster and the colder temperatures seem warmer.  Now if we could only make it sunny too…

Eric and Emma skiingCheck out these websites for additional great Central New York skiing and winter activities in Onondaga County, and be sure to send us photos of your favorite snow season past time.


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