Syracuse Neighborhoods – Where Do You Live?

414_Robineau_Rd (3)The city of Syracuse and surrounding area is known for its rich Haudenosaunee culture and the Onondagas, the Keepers of the Central Fire of the Haudenosaunee (“Iroquois Confederacy”).  And like any resource rich area, Syracuse became a thriving city drawing many cultures to mine the salt, dig the canal, build universities and start communities.

With eight distinct neighborhoods, Syracuse is no New York city with its hundreds of neighborhoods within five boroughs.  But each of our eight has its own history, its own struggles and successes,  and its own flavor.

A wonderful website provided by Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today (TNT), a city organization whose purpose is to “create a comprehensive process for involving neighborhood residents, businesses, and organizations in planning for their neighborhoods. It identifies and builds upon community assets, and develops workable plans and priorities for our neighborhoods. The plans direct the City’s resources in the most important areas in the most cost-effective way. This process strengthens the democracy that is critical for a healthy city, improves the quality of life in our City, and builds the capacity for our City to solve problems and create a desirable future,” showcases Syracuse neighborhoods, their history, distinct features and current programs and activities.  

From the Lakefront neighborhood with the exciting Creekwalk, to Eastwood, home to the Palace Theater and Sunnycrest 9 hole city golf course, to the Westside neighborhood featuring our award winning Rosamond Gifford Zoo and street-light famous Tipperary Hill, to the Valley, originally settled by the Onondagas and celebrated by artist  Peter W. Michel with his vibrant “Honoring the Onondaga Creek” sculpture, Syracuse neighborhoods reflect the diversity, energies and pride of its 144,000 citizens.Onondaga Park (2)

We all know our own neighborhoods like the back of our hand – as the saying goes.  But wouldn’t it be fun to explore our neighbor’s neighborhood?  Find out what’s just down the road – along the Lake, down in the Valley, or on the Hill.  Send us your favorite neighborhood photos, restaurants or best kept secrets – we’ll post them here and spread the word – thanks neighbor!


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