National Farmers Market Week 8/4-8/10

photo (6)August must be the golden month for farmers markets across the country – with sweet corn, luscious tomatoes, juicy peaches, plump plums and so many other delectable treats it’s hard to control yourself.  How DO we survive the winter one would ask, but today more than ever farmers markets have become a year round happening.  And this particular week of the year has been designated National Farmers Market Week.

Data shows farmers benefit with lower costs associated with selling directly to consumers. Communities benefit by keeping more dollars local, and consumers enjoy fresher foods, better variety, reduced prices AND a place where they can meet their neighbors.  

Our own sultry summer Syracuse has  an abundance of  area farmers markets that will tempt your culinary creativity, enhance your healthy eating choices and introduce you to the many communities of the greater Syracuse area.

If you haven’t gone to a farmers market yet- you are missing out on not only the wonderful locally grown produce but also the fun of sampling, chatting, supporting and experiencing our dynamic and hard working community.  If it looks like a tomato and it tastes like a tomato, then it must be a local tomato!  Enjoy!


One thought on “National Farmers Market Week 8/4-8/10

  1. Good article….very much agree. We’ve got a couple farmers markets that are going strong down here in the Hilton Head Island, SC. area. Each year the market in Bluffton grows and grows and there are a couple now on Island each week. Great way to not only get some great food but meet the community.

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