Syracuse Secrets!

Behind every great city there are hidden gems and Light Work might be one of Syracuse’s brightest. Described as “an artist-run, non-profit photography and digital media center, “ Light Work provides not only a top notch facility to photographers in the business, but also encourages, instructs and inspires amateurs, wanna bee’s and the curious, to get their Ansel Adams on.

With beautiful exhibits, a popular publication known as Contact Sheet, artist in residence program, informative blog, really cool Urban Video Project and community darkrooms , Light Work seems to reflect what is best about communities that care about education, quality of life and a vibrant arts scene.

Light Work is now registering for some amazing Community Darkroom Workshops to be held this spring.  With the guidance of professionals, who knows what masterpieces are lurking on your camera’s memory card?  January is a wonderful time to start new projects, dust off old hobbies or to explore the artistic side of both ourselves, and the city we call home.

Send us your best photos – we’d love to see Syracuse from your point of view!

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