Win a Free Shovel!

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts:

“that real winter weather will return to areas from the Great Lakes into the Northeast. Most eastern states – as far south as the Gulf Coast – will see snowier than normal conditions and cooler temperatures.”

We knew last year’s unseasonably warm and almost snowless winter was a fluke, didn’t we? For skiers, boarders and die hard Golden Snow Ball trophy fans, more snow is a good thing. But for those of us who enjoy driving to work unimpeded by snowy roads, having easy access to the mailbox without shoveling out, and pretending that we live in North Carolina, last winter was simply wonderful.

However there is no small sense of pride when we declare ourselves from Syracuse — one of the top 10 snowiest cities in North America. There’s something epic about the way our highway crews manage our white stuff. And it’s no small thing to claim snow fall on Mother’s Day (1996)!

Being ready for winter here is not just a necessity, it’s the smart thing to do, no matter what amount of precipitation we end up with. Check the list below and see how you’re coming along with your winter chores!

Chimney Cleaned : Expert Chimney Services recommends regular maintenance and safety tips.
Furnace checked out : Ed Doherty of American Home Services would be happy to tune up your current heating system or install a new high efficiency model.
Driveway Sealed: A time honored tradition in Syracuse — and with good reason.
Firewood Stacked: Ask for Cathy at Raimondo’s. They’ll drop it — you stack it!

And we’re assuming you have already tuned up your snowblower or have signed a plowing contract — you ARE from Syracuse after all! If not, give us a call and we’d be happy to recommend some great providers.

Now to really make this winter interesting, let’s make a few predictions of our own. Send us your best guess for FIRST SNOW DATE, LAST SNOW DATE, and AMOUNT of SNOW (as measured by Hancock National Airport). Closest guess in each category wins a snow shovel courtesy of the Pei Lin Team, your fair weather AND stormy, Syracuse realtors!

Button up now!

Pei Lin and the Pei Lin Team

PS Get those snowfall predictions in QUICK -deadline is October 28th!

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