Midway Drive-In

 I remember wrapping up in my blanket and sitting on a lawn chair watching E.T. play across the big screen. That was my first and fondest memory of being at the drive-in. Until a few years ago I thought they were a thing of the past. Then I stumbled upon Midway drive-in between Fulton and Oswego.  I now enjoy taking my son to the drive-in, it should be a part of all of our childhoods. The excitement starts as you turn around the bend and see the huge screen stretching well above the trees. Once you pull up to the ticket booth you feel like you’ve gone back 30-40 years in time.  We find the perfect parking space and my son runs up with excitement to the big open field in front of the screen where kids are running, playing ball and Frisbee. Families walk around with smiles on their faces and you truly feel like you’re part of a time gone by. Entering the snack shack we notice all the old movie posters and begin to reminisce.  The snacks are much cheaper here than they are at the conventional theater. A jumbo popcorn with refills and 3 huge sodas only set us back $17. The menu is vast you can get anything from corndogs to candy.  Once night falls everyone pulls up a lawn chair and enjoys the show. There are still some mounted speakers but most of the sound comes from your car radio.  Before we went, I read the rules and recommendations online. It spoke of turning your car on periodically so that you did not drain your battery.  We should have followed this rule! Thankfully the information online also told me that if you do drain your battery go to the concession stand for a jump. 2 very nice gentleman came over to our car with a charger and had us up and going in no time.

Danielle Aldrich – The Pei Lin Team

Prices:   $7 per person for 3 movies

Address: 2475 New York 48 Minetto, NY 13115

Phone:   (315) 343-0211

Website:  http://www.midwaydrivein.com/

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