Stickley Furniture – Old Home Might Become Museum

Stickley furniture was started in 1900 by brothers who shared a passion for designing beautiful, practical, high quality furniture. The Stickley brothers believed that furniture should be “honest”; the kind of pieces with classic design and natural finishes that are built to last for generations.
The Stickley brothers passed away in the 1940s, and the Audi family purchased the factory shortly thereafter.  The Audis had been leading sellers of the furniture for years and shared the company’s values.

Still run by the Audis today, Stickley has become an internationally successful company synonymous with quality.  The brand is known for its influence on the American Craftsman style.  With three facilities and over 1600 employees, the Stickly legacy continues to thrive.

The Stickley Company and the Everson Museum of Art are proposing to convert Gustav Stickley’s old home on Columbus Avenue in Syracuse into a museum.  The transition would take years and cost over $2 million.  The Audis feel that if this conversion takes place, it will benefit the surrounding east side community and showcase the origin of the American Arts and Crafts movement.

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