Schools Out for the Summer!

The official start of summer is just a few days away but nothing screams summer more than the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Just saying it out loud brings a flood of memories and a wonderful, all over good feeling.  Months and months of hot days off from tests and homework.  Late night games of hide and seek and capture the flag.  Waterlogged days at the pool and the family trip.  Our family trip took us on a 12 hour drive to Massachusetts.  No videos, no TV’s, no gaming devices to entertain us along the way.  Nor was my family the type to sing songs, play the alphabet game or even talk.  We were mostly left to our own imaginings of the next two weeks at the beach, and the occasional “he touched me” fights in the back seat.  

We would love to hear about your favorite summer memory, vacation or upcoming summer trip.  And if you are already out of ideas for the months ahead of “there’s nothing to do” – check out some of these off-beat ideas to fill our gorgeous Central New York summer days.

A bicycle trip to Kingston, Ontario via the Wolf Island Ferry is still one of our family’s favorites.  Driving to Cape Vincent, parking the car and boarding the ferry with our bikes began our adventure.  Riding our bikes across Wolf Island was beautiful and easy.  Another  ferry  ride to Kingston and time for exploration of the harbor area  or historic Ft. Henry.  Be sure to check passport requirements.

Another favorite day trip is the Sterling Renaissance Festival.  With or without costumes – there is something for everyone at this magical event.  The food is fabulous, the crafts – beautiful, the entertainment unique and the cast of characters, both hired and paying admittance are worth the trip.  

As a friend described her recent adventure zip lining as, “felt like a kid again!” who wouldn’t want to start the summer off right flying through the treetops at the ever entertaining Greek Peak Outdoor Adventure Center?

Our Teammate Danielle’s early summer tradition is family picnics at local waterfalls – hiking trails, cool woods and spectacular views are a perfect backdrop to good food and company.

Mohawk Valley Bluegrass Festival may be the funnest way to get fit this summer- there is no way you can sit still when listening to some serious bluegrass music.  Camp on the festival grounds and be ready to get your socks knocked off.

And summer just wouldn’t be complete curled up in a hammock, beach chair or tent on a rainy day without having a good book in your hands.  Try Children’s Reading List Suggestions  for the kids and 100 best summer books for the adults;  adventure, mystery, travel, romance, magic- what are you waiting for – school’s out!


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