Mother’s Day and the Perfect Gift!

Just a few days until Mother’s Day – and the quest is on to find an appropriate way to let the most important woman in your life know just how much she means to you.  Polls have shown that Moms nationwide really do like to receive flowers, spa treatments and thoughtful cards -both homemade and store bought.  Most crave a little time for themselves but will almost always opt for some quality time with their families over any other gift ideas.  

Sycamore Hill Gardens  holds an annual Mother’s Day tour in Marcellus.  Proceeds benefit Baltimore Woods .  Even if I can’t be with my mom on Mother’s Day, I can’t think of a more beautiful way to honor her then strolling the grounds of this unique and beautiful spot while helping to raise money for the nature center. She passed her love of gardening on to me.

Spa gifts are a click away with coupons good at thousands of spas and wellness centers, or who can resist chocolate and fruit artfully arranged in bouquets?  

Remember, as mom used to always say, “actions speak louder than words,” so keep the following in mind when selecting that special gift for that special someone.

Don’t buy . . . a new telephone
Do . . . call often to say I love you.

Don’t buy . . . 500-thread count sheets/ quilt cover/ bed ensemble
Do  . . . let her lie in bed as long as she likes on a regular basis and bring her breakfast

Don’t buy . . . a toaster- even if this season’s model is adorned with trendy stripes
Do . . . clean out the crumbs from her old one.

Don’t buy . . .  a microwave.
Do . . . take her out for dinner – regularly.

Don’t buy . . . a picture frame.
Do . . . dig out a special photograph from yesteryear and then buy a frame.  

Don’t . . . ask your Mum what she wants for Mother’s Day or make your purchase at the last minute.
Do . . . think about what she’d love rather than what she needs and get the practical stuff another time. Remember, the card is as important as the gift. And making her feel special is most important of all.   (Do’s & Don’ts Courtesy

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