Let’s Move! Program Fights Childhood Obesity in America

Childhood obesity in America has been on the rise for decades.  Today, one in three children are overweight or obese and could face serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and asthma.  An overall change in lifestyle is likely to blame – busier schedules often lead to eating on-the-go instead of home cooked meals, kids are more likely to ride than walk to school, and active playtime has been replaced by media entertainment.  Additionally, children are eating larger portions and snacking more frequently than ever before.  

All of these factors can be changed with some commitment from parents, schools, communities, and kids themselves.  First Lady Michelle Obama has initiated action to win the fight against childhood obesity.  Let’s Move! is a program designed to educate families about healthier choices and help make healthy foods more accessible and affordable.

By visiting the website, you can get involved in the Let’s Move!  program in many ways – taking a pledge, planning healthy meals, joining meetup groups in your area, starting a community garden, taking the President’s Challenge to get fit, and much more.  There are also links for schools and local officials to make a change within the community.

The website is full of useful tips and simple plans for an affordable, healthier lifestyle.  Get involved today to contribute to raising a healthier generation of kids!

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