CNY Regional Market – Every Weekend, Year Round!

I love the Farmers Market.  It’s such a fun way to start the weekend – waking up Saturday morning and shopping for fresh, in-season, local food; sampling pastries and cheese; and finding miscellaneous treasures at bargain prices.  Whether you go alone or with friends and family, it can be an adventure.  I was thinking I’d have to wait until spring to explore Syracuse’s popular CNY Regional Market, but it’s actually open year round (Saturdays 7 AM – 2 PM)!  This time of year, it is held inside three long, heated sheds. Starting in May, the Farmers’ Market is open on Thursdays in addition to Saturdays.

Located right across from the Carousel Center and next to the Alliance Bank Stadium, the Regional Market has free parking and is easy to get to.  The sheds are lined with vendors offering a nice variety of goods.  

This past Saturday I decided to check it out for myself.  Some of the food available included bread, pastries, produce, yogurt, hot fudge, honey, pies, gourmet beef jerky, fresh fish, and many other homemade specialty products.  I sampled some sweet treats — rich, homemade fudge, fresh baked cookies, and heavenly baklava.  The smell of freshly prepared food filled the sheds.  In addition to all of the food available to sample, there were vendors selling ready-to-eat items such as hot dogs, fried dough, crepes, and pizza.  Aside from the food, there were lovely flowers and plants, fresh smoked dog bones, local wines, and so much more.  I realized I forgot to bring cash with me, but luckily you can purchase tokens with your credit or debit card at the market office. I picked up a pretty bundle of pussy willow branches and some pastries for my husband.

Before I left I popped in to the last shed, which had a flea market setup.  There were hundreds of bins filled with items ranging from $1-$5.  Sunglasses, books, jewelry, woodwork, and clothing items are just a few examples, but this only scratches the surface.  If I had more time to shop, I’m sure I would have found some interesting things at very affordable prices.  In fact, Sundays are just Flea Market days from 7 AM – 2 PM.   If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend it — and go hungry!  

3 thoughts on “CNY Regional Market – Every Weekend, Year Round!

  1. Oh My Gosh, This makes me want to go! We are so lucky to have this available in Central New York. I know families who attend every Saturday morning to shop with local farms and to start their weekend off with a relaxing and fun experience.

  2. Wow! The regional market looks a lot nicer than I remember it in the 1950’s and ’60’s. I think it was pretty much all wholesale then, but maybe I’m wrong. My dad and I used the regional market as a parking place when we went to Chiefs’ games at MacArthur stadium. One night we returned to the car to find that both bucket seats had been stolen. So we drove home to B’ville seated on lettuce crates from the regional market.

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