Syracuse Real Food Co-op

I’ve heard great things about the Syracuse Real Food Co-op, so I thought I’d check it out.  Located at 618 Kensington Road just blocks away from Westcott Street and Barry Park, this small, community-owned natural food store is packed full of groceries.  The store, customers, and employees all had a refreshingly relaxed vibe.  You can get all of your grocery staples at very competitive prices, and it’s so convenient not to have to fight the crowds at a larger grocery store.  

I was especially impressed with the selection of organic brands available.  In addition to the usual sections like produce, meat, and dairy (many of which are from local farms), there is a whole wall of bins filled with products you can buy in bulk such as granola, oats, sugar, flour, beans, nuts, and dried fruit, as well as quite a few choices of coffee.  

The co-op also carries pet, cleaning, and cosmetic items.  While perusing the store, I met Jeremy, the friendly front-end manager.  He described himself as a “beer-head”, and just so happened to be stocking the beer cooler.  The variety of brews was also impressive – a great selection of local and national craft beers.  If you haven’t been to the Syracuse Food Co-op, it’s definitely worth a trip to check it out.  I only wish this store were closer to me (I live in Baldwinsville) —  I’d shop there weekly!

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    1. Anyone can shop the coop. Members get a monthly discount day of shopping. They are also eligible to earn work credits and can vote for or join the board.

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