Carpet Stains and Solutions

Our guest blogger, Joe Merluzzi, is the owner of Northeast Carpet Cleaning.  Joe has been the Miracle Worker on many Central New York carpets, furniture–and he cleans air ducts too!  A family owned business, Northeast Carpet Cleaning is training the next generation of Merluzzis early to service your needs.

What if your favorite pet stains your carpet?  Your dog pees and poops on your carpet. DISASTER. What can you do? Try a cleaning  and stain removing solution.

Since there are many types of products available in the market that can and will remove stains, there are many choices. Some products are strong and harsh to carpet fabric, while some are not. Ideally a cleaning solution will minimize and remove stains by cleaning the spills and dirt as they crop up. Cleaning stains does not always require you to go out of your home and purchase expensive products.

There are lots of ways to clean pet stains on a carpet without even leaving your home.  One way is by using everyday cleaning products. These can oftentimes clean stains as effectively and efficiently as expensive cleaning solutions.  You should always use less first.  Here are some easy options.

Option No. 1:       The simplest way to get rid of stains is water. Apply water to the affected area of the carpet, then blot it with paper towels or a clean white towel.  Be sure to let the carpet dry and never let its backing get wet when you pour water.

Option No. 2:       Make a solution by mixing a tablespoon of detergent with one quart of water. Spray and blot the affected area and let it dry.

 Option No. 3:       Mix one teaspoon ammonia with half a cup of cold water. Spray the solution or apply it to the stain. Use a paper towel to blot the stain away. Be sure to let the affected area dry.


 If you have a stubborn stain that you can’t remove yourself, you can call Joe Merluzzi at 315-480-7159. He has a complete line of stain removers that may just be the miracle cure you need!


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