Indoor Fun For Kids – At the Mall!

I still consider myself a “rookie” mom, so I get pretty excited when I figure out something new.  It’s particularly nice to discover things that entertain my almost-one-year-old at a cost I can afford (free-$1)!  Since it’s gotten colder, finding activities has become a bit more challenging.  About once a week, we go to the mall.  There are lots of benefits to this outing: it’s indoors and warm, I get plenty of exercise, and the people and stores are stimulating.  But better yet – the malls have inexpensive activities especially for kids!

Carousel Center, of course, has the carousel.  I love seeing my son’s face light up when he catches sight of the adorned horses.  For just $1, we can ride together.  The other day I also found out that Pottery Barn Kidsat Carousel has a weekly story time for little ones on Tuesdays at 11:00.  The story is followed by a craft, and it’s free.  An added bonus – you get a card they will stamp every time you go.  When you have 5 stamps, you get a $10 off coupon to the store!  If you’re in need of some social interaction or exercise, try a Stroller Fit class.  This group started by the YMCA meets on the 1st floor under the carousel Monday mornings at 9:15 (through April).  For one hour, parents walk their kids in strollers briskly through the mall with two stops for strength training on arms, legs, abs, and more.  This is not only a great way to meet other parents and kids, it’s also free!

Great Northern Mall is not as good for walking, but has a wonderful play area right in the middle of the food court.  I was surprised to see how much my son enjoyed it even though he is younger than most of the other kids.  There’s a giant tree right in the middle with tunnels and a slide built into it.  Surrounding the tree are ladybugs, mushrooms, bears and other forest-themed things for kids to climb on, crawl under, and explore.  The perimeter is lined with benches for parents to sit and watch as the kids play.  You will be amazed at the fun the kids have here!

Do you know of any other malls in the area with great activities for kids?  Please let us know!  

2 thoughts on “Indoor Fun For Kids – At the Mall!

  1. I love these ideas and will be sure to use them when babysitting my Grandkids. I’d love to know of more free or nearly-free indoor activities for young ones! Only eight weeks ’till spring, but I want to keep busy until the weather gets warmer again. Anyone know of a Greenhouse that’s kid-friendly???

  2. A friend from work was just telling me how much her daughter enjoyed the “Tree” at Great Northern Mall. What a great meeting place for kids and parents alike. I heard about it first on your blog!

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