Buying Organic at Wegmans

About two years ago, someone explained to me the importance of eating organic foods as much as possible.  Prior to that, I didn’t pay any attention to the “USDA Organic” label.  I was far more concerned with getting a good price no matter what.  I learned that organic produce is free of harmful pesticides.  Organic meat and dairy products come from animals raised on organic farms.  These animals are fed a 100% organic diet and never exposed to anitbiotics, hormones, or genetically modified foods.  There are countless other reasons to buy and eat organic, and I decided to try and make the change.  

As I was living in Atlanta, finding stores with a great selection of organic food was easy. There were Whole Foods stores scattered throughout the city.  When I moved back to Syracuse last spring, one concern I had was finding the groceries I wanted in a convenient location.  I worried that I would end up having to make an extra trip to a small specialty store.  I was pleasantly surprised by the organic section at Wegmans!  No matter where you live in the Syracuse area, there is likely to be a Wegmans close by.  I can buy all of my regular groceries, then shop the organic aisles for items such as baby food, meat and dairy, and natural cosmetic items.  Wegmans also offers organic produce (mixed into the produce section).  

This month, all Wegmans stores are hosting a free “Everything Organic” event on Saturday 1/21 and Saturday 1/28 from 11:00-3:00.  They will be giving out organic samples and recipes, and have kids’ activities too!

I have found organic sections at other stores as well, which is great to see.  So far, I’ve found Wegmans to be superior in selection, price, and convenience.  I am still on the lookout for other stores in the area.  If you know of any, please let us know!  I will be sure to check them out!


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