Mexican Food in Syracuse

One thing I was sad to leave behind when I left Atlanta was the Mexican food.  Wherever you went, there was a cheap, authentic Mexican restaurant nearby.  But I must admit, I’m pleasantly surprised by the Latin cuisine right here in Syracuse!  So far, I’ve feasted on the the food at The Mission Restaurant in downtown Syracuse and Alto Cinco on Westcott Street.  

Formerly a church built in the 1800s, The Mission is now festively decorated with Latin American colors and art.  The Pan-American food is fresh, delicious, and affordable.  You could easily have dinner with a large group here, but the intimate setting also makes it perfect for a fun date.  

Alto Cinco serves homemade Tex Mex ranging from salads to burritos to pizza (and amazing cornbread)!  I’ve ordered take-out for lunch several times.  The food is fantastic, and the service is friendly and quick.  It’s a wonderful treat to pick up on-the-go, but there’s also a cozy Cantina with a bar and small tables for dining in.

Another one of our team favorites is Papa Gallo in Fayetteville. The colors are vibrant and cheerful–and the portions generous! In good weather, there is outdoor dining, and if you close your eyes, you can imagine that you are on the sidewalk of a Mexican village as you dine!

I highly recommend trying any of these unique Syracuse area restaurants.  I’d love to hear about other tasty Mexican food you’ve tried locally.  Please tell us what you suggest!  

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  1. I have to agree! The Mission and Alto Cinco are my favorite spots for Mexican. And, The Mission restaurant is also located in a very interesting building. Not only for its obvious adapted reuse of a church, but also the building’s connection to the underground railroad. If you stop by the OHA museum around the corner at 321 Montgomery, there is a fantastic exhibit on the rich history of the underground railroad in Syracuse/CNY, and prominently displayed are faces that were carved into the basement walls of the church by runaway slaves (so the story goes). Great food and great history!

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