Keeping Fido and Fluffy Safe During Showings

Our pets are like family, but when viewing your home, not everyone is comfortable with four-legged creatures. In fact, some people are downright petrified! Others are allergic.

Things to keep in mind:
· In preparing the house for showings, keep pet toys out of sight and the premises dander- and fur-free. Though the pets move out with you upon closing, buyers with allergies may automatically eliminate your house from the running if they are averse to pets.
· Arrange to remove your pet, especially dogs, during showings. If this is not possible, crate your pet with a “Do Not Pet” sign. You do not want your startled pet to bite an overly friendly buyer.
· Post a sign at any doors that must remain open or closed. If it is important to keep a door open for a pet to access the litter box, use a door stop as well as a sign. It can be disastrous for a kitty to be separated from the box when nature calls!
· Vacuum and empty the kitty litter regularly. Your nose becomes attuned to pet odors. Have a friend or neighbor do a sniff test.
If you are going to be away for an extended period, arrange to board your pets with a friend or kennel. Accidents happen, no matter how careful the agent and buyer, and it will give you peace of mind to know your pets are safe in your absence.

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