You’re Never Too Young for Onondaga Lake Park

As a busy, budget-conscious, new mom in Central New York, I’m always on the lookout for fun and easy things to do with my 9-month-old son (on the cheap)!  

This past Thursday was a rare occasion: a sunny, 65 degree afternoon in November.  Samson and I decided to go for a walk at Onondaga Lake Park.  Not only did we experience autumn at its best, but it was free!  The reds, rusts, and golds were bursting all around us, and the leaves underfoot (and stroller) crunched as we walked.   

Sam was delighted by the flocks of geese on the lake, in the sky, and grazing on the grass.

The park has four trails along Onondaga Lake for walking, skating, or biking.  I’ve even seen families on tandem bikes and bikes with child seats that you can rent on site.  Although Samson is still too little for playgrounds there are a few really nice ones along the trails.  Other activities include boat rentals, fishing, organized sports, a skate park, dog park, and the Salt Museum.

3 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Young for Onondaga Lake Park

  1. Onondaga Lake park is a great place. I try to walk there a couple times a week. During the summer, there’s a food concession at Willow Bay that makes pretty tasty falafels and my dog gets a small ice cream once in a while! I like walking there because the quarter miles are marked on the trails so you can keep track of your “miles”. The people are pretty friendly, too. Of course, who wouldn’t smile when you can get outside for a nice walk? It’s a pretty active place.

  2. I love Onondaga Lake Park. It is so relaxing and so much you can do. What a way to way confortable (of course, my first choice is the tram). It is a lovely place for the children and family gatherings. I again love your story about the park and will also add this to my agenda since I haven’t been there in quite a while. PS – Your son is adorable.

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