Don’t Be Caught on the Wrong Side of the Road!


Parking SignI received a text from a client who closed on their new home yesterday. New to Syracuse, they were expecting the moving truck to arrive any minute and realized they didn’t know on what side of the street to park their cars!

I’ve gotten so used to the odd/even parking rules in the City of Syracuse, it’s almost second nature. So how do you make sure you are on the “legal” side of the road?

Parking “day” goes from 6 pm to 6 pm.

So if it’s an odd day of the calendar month at the beginning of the period, you park on the side of the odd-numbered houses. As I write this it is the 3rd day of the month, 11 am. However, it was an EVEN day (2nd) yesterday at 6 pm. So I would park on the side of the even numbered houses.

And beware blindly “following” the other cars. There are those so-called “Fool’s Days,” when you have two odd days back to back–31st and 1st, for example. On these days, no need to move your car as you need to stay on the side of the odd-numbered houses!

It’s really quite simple–you just have to make sure you know what date it is!

Follow these simple guidelines, and you shall remain ticket free!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Caught on the Wrong Side of the Road!

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  2. Parked on the side that i should be after 6:00 at 5:15. Got a ticket at 5:17. Officer is roaming the area looking for this. Get home from work at 5:15 so now i have to go in the house for 40 minutes or so then go move my truck.
    Thats not right. Truck was on wrong side broke down in a storm but never got a ticket because the officer would have to get out of the car and cleen the plate or windshield to get the plate number.(NO TICKETS). LAZY BASTARDS

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