Facebook Finds Lost Dog

Dog, Nook

My assistant’s dog went missing yesterday morning. Nook, aptly nicknamed Nookdini (the escape artist), dashed out of the house, onto Taft Road, not to be seen for dinner or bedtime.This seemed all too familiar. Years ago, perhaps 20 or so, my best friend’s Shih Tzu dashed out of my front door–when I was dog sitting while she and her husband went to dinner at friends. Koki was Lillie’s “baby.” My sinking heart as I watched Koki dash down the street–on and on and on out of sight.

Lillie’s sister Jeannie drove 7 hours from Long Island to help in the search. We called the Animal Shelter. We posted flyers. We called the radio station. Days later–felt more like weeks–there was a sighting announced on the radio by Comstock Avenue, and sure enough, there Koki was, lurking in the bushes.

Nook was much luckier. She ran away in the Technology Age. As soon as it was apparent  Nook was out for a longer jaunt than normal, Danielle posted on craigslist, on facebook, sent out blast emails targeted to the North Syracuse area.  She was happy and home within 24 hours, thanks to the far-reaching voice of technology. Nook was FIVE miles from home, and Danielle was able to track her location from the many tips that came in because of the online postings.

Real estate marketing has similarly gone online. No longer is the Sunday paper and real estate booklets the be-all in getting the word out. Having the right system that pushes the listing to lots of real estate sites at the push of one button exposes your house to thousands and thousands of potential buyers.

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The key to success is continued exposure online in various forums to get the traffic to your home.

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