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Time sure passes quickly. It seems just yesterday that my son Kent was toddling about the airport. That was in the days when we flew from Syracuse to Kentucky for family events, when we didn’t have to worry about buying 3 airline tickets as Kent would fly free.A toddler can be rambunctious and we’d try to use up pent up energy by letting Kent wander. My husband’s philosophy to child rearing (and wife rearing too!) has always been to making Kent as independent as possible, as early as possible, and just be on hand when needed.

Kent would wander the airport from gate to gate, on his own purposeful mission, and David would hang back. My son favors my Asian looks, so upon first glance, one would not have necessarily associated him with my husband. People would look up startled and worried, wondering who belonged to this unattended munchkin.

I thought of those airport excursions this weekend when we moved Kent to Boston–to his first non-school apartment.

I watched Kent and his roommate at Home Depot, collecting various parts to install a dryer vent. True engineers, they researched online the appropriate distance from the dryer, made sure it would all meet code. David hung back in the aisles and watched, like he did when 2-year-old Kent wandered the airport, but now he was shopping the plumbing aisles.

From a cart-full of miscellaneous tools and metal vent pipes in the morning, the two engineers had, by evening, fashioned a very neat and acceptable vent for their dryer. Kent’s roommate had the proper motivation–he had exhausted his clean clothes!

Kent’s finding out that whether you rent or own, there are always home projects. We can help defray the cost of your project with a 10% coupon to Lowes…contact our office, and we will be happy to send it on to you.

True empty nesters now, we don’t have summer holidays to look forward to, with Kent returning home from school.

He’s independent, an adult on his own–but we’re still here, watching in the wings, in case he needs us.

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