100 Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities!

syracuse-forbesSyracuse named #15 of 100! Forbes.com has recently analyzed housing affordability, travel time, unemployment, real estate taxes, vacancies, job forecast, home price forecast,  and foreclosure rank to come up with America’s Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities.

Locating a desirable spot to settle down means something quite different today than it did just three years ago. That’s when Americans flocked to coastal and Sun Belt cities like Orlando, Fla., and Las Vegas, where properties were easy to acquire and home values were expected to noticeably appreciate.Now, with home prices nationwide down 29% from their 2006 peak, according to Case Schiller, areas that were left behind during the home-building and home-buying craze suddenly look more attractive. Buying an affordable home in a city with a stable housing market, among other pluses like reasonable property taxes and minimal travel time to work, is the new definition of bang for the buck.

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