Syracuse University Neighborhood

westcottThe Syracuse University neighborhood is similar to Lemongrass Restaurant’s famous banana creme brulee. This fine dessert has many flavors, rolled into one delectable dish: creme brulee, sponge cake, mousse, and banana fritters. The “Hill,” as the neighborhood surrounding SU is dubbed, consists of residential streets filled with owner-occupied owners, some student neighbors on others, multiple parks (Barry, Sherman and Thornden), and distinctive architecture. Depending on the street you visit, you will catch a different flavor.

The Westcott neighborhood is hip and bohemian, offering tastes of Mexico and the Middle East in restaurants Alto Cinco and Munjed’s. There’s also the Westcott Theatre, Boom Babies (for great vintage clothes), and the fine aromas of Recess Coffee shop, just to name a few of the offerings.

Then there is the Berkeley neighborhood, butted close to the Syracuse University campus, with stately homes along a divided street. You can walk and jog to SU, walk around Morningside Garden, and admire the various home styles, from Tudor to Chinese Pagoda!

Friends and neighbors meet along Sherman Park, watch the ballgames and allow their four-footed friends to sniff out their territory. Its proximity to Barry Park and the trails along the adjoining drainage basin are a haven for walkers and joggers. Neighbors often start the day with a quick stop for coffee, shopping or quick banking at the nearby shops at Nottingham Plaza.

Whether you are a block from the university or further out, there is a strong feeling of neighborhood and community. During the famous Labor Day Storm of 1998, student neighbors and owner occupants alike worked side by side helping each other haul out downed trees and clearing out yards, sharing their food on the grill during the week-long power outage.

Anonymity is a rare occurence–neighbors are friends and friends are neighbors…a wonderful friendship between young and old, student and homeowner.

Come take a tour, and see for yourself!

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