Syracuse Parks and Open Spaces

'Geese Crossing: Syracuse New York photo by ewen and donabel via FlickrAs the name indicates, the village of  North Syracuse is the first village north of the City of Syracuse and is situated on the road to Watertown and the North Country. It is actually located in the the town of Clay, not in the city of Syracuse, which may be confusing to newcomers to our area.

Parks and open space help define the character of the City and give it a unique range of assets within the county and region.

Syracuse has approximately 172 municipally owned and maintained parks, fields, inactive cemeteries, medians/traffic islands (most of which are landscaped and contribute to neighborhood greenspace), and natural areas. Since Syracuse has about 32% of the County’s population and 61% of the County’s municipal parks, the City is comparatively rich in parks and open space. This abundance of open space is even more apparent in the variety of parks and open space available in the City. These facilities include forested areas, harbors, pools, ball fields, tennis and basketball courts, ice skating rinks, golf courses, picnic areas, playgrounds, monuments, trails and public gathering places.

The Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs Department is the sole local government agency charged specifically with providing recreation for city residents. Approximately 1,000 acres of parks, playgrounds and open spaces are included under the Department’s stewardship.

The Syracuse Parks Department is responsible for coordinating, administering, and staffing a variety of recreational, support, and special events programs. These goals are accomplished through Special Events, Senior Programs, Aquatics, Adult Programs, Ice Rinks, Golf, Youth Programs, Forestry and Grounds Divisions.

The Department also has an Office of Graphics and an Office of Planning and Development that serve the public through capital improvements, community programs and the creation of signage and graphics for the parks.

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